Users app


Tuesday, May 5th 2020

10:05 AM

Happy liberation day to all my fellow dutch people. Today, the fifth of may, is when we celebrate that we’ve been freed from war. Normally I’d be going to one of the (free) festivals that are organised each year, but this year that won’t be an option. So instead I might watch some streams that are organised as a replacement or maybe (digitally) hang out with some friends. Maybe I’ll build a thing.

Since I wrote my last post I’ve been thinking of things I can build. One of the things that I came up with is an app. A simple app that has some users and some passwords. It doesn’t need those users to do anything special, just let them login in securely.

The catch is that I want to use JWT and GraphQl in it. I think it’ll be fun and a good exercise to just build a really simple app that has secure login and a database, just like you would when building a real, production app. I really want to learn JWT and GraphQL and I think this could be a good way to do it.

I’ll let you know how it went when (if) I’m done making it.