Hobby coding

Home, Groningen

Thursday, April 29th 2021

00:04 AM

Coding when I’m home.

Unfortunately, it’s not really something I do anymore. While I’ve been using my mac more and more at home, instead of my desktop pc, I don’t actually use it to write code anymore.

I think I’ve just been way to busy, I still enjoy coding and I really hope I can rekindle some of my passion for hobby projects. For a while now I’ve been daydreaming of building a financial bookkeeping application for personal use. The motivation here is my almost-daily use of another bookkeeping website: twinfield.

Twinfield is close to horrible from a user experience perspective, if you ask me. However, using it for my board job at Cleopatra has inspired me to want to keep detailed records of my own spending. I’ve looked around for websites or apps that could solve my problem but they’re all either a bit too simple or really old and bad.

I’ll let you know if I manage to start building my own.