First entry


Saturday, May 2nd 2020

06:05 AM

My first entry!

I build this blog application today, well actually yesterday. I built it with Gatsby. I knew Gatsby from projects I’ve done before but I have to say it was some work to get up to speed with the whole thing.

I struggled with getting pages to be built from source plugins and such. The whole platform is fairly easy to use however when you just follow the tutorial. Which is also what I ended up doing. I also played around with some templates before settling with the blog template and stripping it of most boilerplate it had.

I initially wanted to develop this application for my private journal but once I got it running and looking sort of what I want it to look like I couldn’t not publish it. And since I want to publish it, it should probably have at least one post.

That’s my first post. I’ll probably (hopefully) make some more improvements. One thing I want to do is see if there’s any better way to store posts. Currently I write the post on my mac and build it into the bundle (with POST_DIR) but I want to do this online and have it ci-ed.

Signing off for now,