Cleopatra financially

My Mom's house, Zwolle

Saturday, May 23rd 2020

01:05 AM

I’m (probably) going to be in the board of my student society next year. I’ll be in a financial role and I’ve been preparing for a couple weeks now. The prospective board needs to present a plan they’ve made for their year. This plan details what strategies and leadership they will exercise in their year.

Part of this plan are the financial budgets, there are two of them, one for the membership side of things, which includes quarterly contribution and funding activities. The other budget details the bar and drink/food sales and purchases. I’m in charge of the bar side of things and since I’ve been preparing and making the plan for next year, I’ve also made a big complicated budget for the whole year.

While I can’t talk about the specifics of the budget or any financial information about Cleopatra (the society) because of a non-disclosure agreement , I can tell you that I’ve begun my path to excel (actually google sheets but what’s the difference) wizardry. The stuff you can do with these applications is very complex and they’re essentially entire programming environments in themselves. Just with the common things people want to do made especially easy.

The past three days have mostly been about making the plan and budget, and I think I have a presentable first version. In making the budget I’ve both talked to a lot of people and gotten a lot of people’s opinions. Most of people’s opinions were based off of calculations on historical data that either I or the current person occupying my prospective role has made. It feels pretty good to be able to give people new insights just by showing some data in different, nice ways. It really helps to formulate new estimates if you can use clear, well analysed historical data.

I’m pretty happy with my budget plan that I have so far, even though it’s not a very positive outlook on the next year, I believe it’s a realistic one. Because corona has big effects on bars and cafe’s.